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K A Sands is a multi-genre author who lives just south of Edinburgh in Scotland. As an EOL nurse and a mother of four, including an exceptional ASD child, life is busy, and her escape comes in the form of reading and writing. Her favourite genre is M/M currently but has a wide and varied interest in many genres across the board. She is a great believer in second chances, insta-love (because her love is a product of that), fairy tales and monsters.

As an aspiring author, K A is content to ‘hobby’ write for the time being, and has two successful, ongoing series under her belt. The Razer Series focuses on family and their trials and tribulations throughout life, often encompassing hard to read, everyday scenarios. The Club Descent Series is where she feels the most comfortable, the ongoing series is M/M and absolutely compounds the mantra, ‘Love is Love.’

K A’s other hobbies include holidays in the sun, gardening, and baking the flattest scones you’ll ever see. And paperbacks, she is a collector and is the proud owner of a signed, limited edition J.R.R Tolkien book that she covets with her life. Her other love is all things book signings. Having attended plenty, with many more to come, this side of the table or the other, she just loves to talk books with anyone willing to lend an ear. Don’t ever hesitate to say hello…




Razer Series Prequel