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British Book Bash is back again in 2024!

bringing you a host of your favourite romance, paranormal, fantasy authors & more.

Held at The Cresset, 6th July 2024, come and join our amazing list of authors & vendors for a day of bookish fun & a chance to meet your new bookish bestie!

The cresset is a great venue,  with a pub on site for after the event, a tattoo shop, plus Greggs, Costa, Sainsbury’s, Subway and much much more.

The venue is fully accessible with private parking available specifically for our event.

There will also be a breakout area for readers to sit and relax when needed. a bar will be available during the day for food and drink if you don't wish to leave the event.


A.K. Koonce 

A.P Beswick 

Abigail Davies

Addison Carter 

Aisling Elizabeth 

Alexandra Silva

Alys J. Clarke

Andie M. Long/Angel Devlin

Ashlee Rose

Bea Paige

BJ Alpha

C.N. Marie & Sophia Nixs

Candice Wright

Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti 

Carrie Elks

Charlotte E Hart

Chelsea McDonald

CJ Cooke / Cate J Cooke

Claire C Riley

Crystal North

Nicci Harris

Nicola Rose

Nikita Rogers

Nikki Castle

Nikki J Summers

Rachel De Lune

Ria Wilde 

Rosa Lee

Ruby Roe

S. F. Rae

Samantha Bee

Samantha Jayne

Scarlet King

Scarlett Cole

Stella Andrews

Stephanie Hudson

Stephanie Hurst

T.L Wainwright

Taylor Aston White

Tracie Delaney

D J Cook

Dani René

Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth N. Harris

Emma Creed

Emma Luna

Emmaleigh Wynters Loader 

Erin Bedford

Erin O'Kane

G N Wright

G. L. Preston

Gemma Weir

J Bree

J Rose

Jade West

Jenna Wolfhart

Jo Preston

K.A Knight

K.L. Shandwick/Kelly Shandwick

K.L. Taylor-Lane 

Kathleen Kelly

KC Kean

Kirsty-Anne Still

L A Cotton

L. Ann

L.M. Mountford

L.V. Lane

Lasairiona McMaster

Leddy Harper 

Letty Frame

Lilith Roman

Lily Wildhart

Lisa Helen Gray 

Maggie Brown

Mallory Fox / Lea Jade

Marion Blackwood

Melinda Terranova

MJ Colgan and AC Lawlor 

Molly Shelby

Montana Fyre

N.J. Adel

N.O. One



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